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What Is An Electric Massage Table?
Edit: Anji Sukar Furniture Co.,Ltd  Jun 16, 2017

1, the structure of electric Massage Table: X-shaped components in the use of two steel pipe between the installation of electric putter, you can electric lift, according to the need to adjust the height and angle; chute with adjustable height adjustable feet and steering wheel , Can be used to switch, you can also adjust the location and angle of the bed and any fixed. The adjustment mechanism includes a face pillow support or support adjustment mechanism, headrest and bendable armrest or support adjustment mechanism, headrest, bending armrest and neck pillow to make the body more comfortable; can use the adjustment switch or handle to control the electric bed lift And folding, with a variety of functions; bed and the base between the use of powerful electric putter to connect directly through the powerful electric putter to achieve lift, this structure is relatively simple, but the function is more single, single-bar electric lift Massage Table Often use this structure.

2, electric Massage Table material: bed frame material: usually metal frame (iron frame, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etc.), some products through the outsourcing of wood frame or leather metal bracket hidden in the shape feel more upscale, luxurious; Mattress material: mattress soft bag filled with soft and soft two sponge is usually used to ensure a certain degree of comfort at the same time also ensure that the bed is not deformed and high resilience. At present, some new high-end products began to use ultra-soft thick silk sponge and water cushion, more close to different stature, can reduce the pressure of the joints and muscles, so that guests can enter the body completely relaxed state; fabric: More, usually have imitation leather, PU leather, ultra-fiber dermis, leather, fabric fabric is relatively rare.

3, electric Massage Table function. Electric lift Massage Table is in the traditional Massage Table on the basis of an increase in electric lift function. The massage technician can control the rise and fall of the electric Massage Table by wire, remote control or electric footrest, or adjust the rise and fall of the back and legs of the Massage Table.

General Massage Table is by adjusting the height of the foot or by adjusting the hydraulic pump to achieve lifting, it is clear that the use of convenience and grade can not be compared with the electric lift function, which is why the electric lift Massage Table popular reasons The.