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Stop Using The Massage Chair For Common Operations
Edit: Anji Sukar Furniture Co.,Ltd  Jun 16, 2017

Massage chair is a healthy device, play the main role is to relax, ease the role of fatigue and effective health care, and can not play a strong therapeutic effect, not everyone is suitable for the use of massage chairs, then those who use massage chair should consult Doctors do?

1, acute vaginitis patients

2, patients with infectious vaginitis

3, acute lumbar spine patients

4, osteoporosis patients

5, patients with spinal disorders, spinal dislocation and other patients with a history of spinal injuries

6, poor blood circulation in patients with legs

7, pregnant women

8, cerebral hemorrhage patients

9, deep heart disease patients

10, the person in the treatment (the doctor said no user)

11, can not be free to express their own willingness or served a slow response drug people

In the process of using the massage chair, we often encounter some urgent things need to be handled, this time we want the massage chair to stop working, then we should do?

First of all, if you just want the massage chair to stop working, your body is still in the massage chair inside, you need only a quieter environment and keep the body more stable state, for example, you suddenly come to an important phone, this time, You only need to operate the remote control on the stop button on it, until the phone is finished, you continue to press the pause button to continue to enjoy the massage chair.

In the second case, if you want to stop the work of the massage chair, there is an urgent need to leave the massage chair about this time, you should press the key on the manual switch to end the work of the massage chair, and so on. To the initial state, you can also get up and leave the massage chair, and if you are away for a long time, you should turn the power switch on the back, if you will soon come back to continue the massage, you can also keep the massage chair connected to the state.