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Solid Wood Massage Table Maintenance Tips
Edit: Anji Sukar Furniture Co.,Ltd  May 16, 2017

Solid wood Massage Table is generally divided into two kinds of cloth and leather, fabric fabric Massage Table can usually use a dry towel to beat, at least once a week vacuum. Should be a regular sofa for the toilet, if the best once a week, the sofa armrest, cushion easy to dirty, should be covered with a good look above the sofa towel or large towel. When using a vacuum cleaner, do not use the suction brush to prevent damage to the woven fabric on the cloth and make the cloth becomes fluffy, but also to avoid the suction to the extra suction, this may lead to thread was broken, may wish to consider the use of small Vacuum cleaner to clean. In the leather bed of the Massage Table for care, if the stains on the leather, with a clean wet cotton dipped in detergent, and then let it dry naturally. Should be placed in a ventilated and dry place, should not be wiped with water or washing, to avoid wet `mold and moth, not in the sun exposure, otherwise it will cause cortical fiber passivation.

Solid wood Massage Table frame coated with paint, its film maintenance and maintenance is particularly important, once the film is damaged not only affect the surface appearance, and will further affect the internal structure of the product. So you should always keep the furniture clean, wring dry moisture of the wet cotton yarn horns at the horns of the dust at the clean and thin, Massage Table and then clean the dry soft cotton cloth can be wiped dry.When cleaning, do not make cleaning tools Touch the furniture, usually pay attention to, do not let the hard metal products or other weapons collide furniture, to protect the surface does not appear bumps traces.