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Portable Massage Table Can Achieve The Purpose Of Treatment
Edit: Anji Sukar Furniture Co.,Ltd  May 17, 2017

Multi-function Portable Massage Table is the company according to Chinese medicine theory, combined with modern technology, after years of exploration and improvement and developed into a medical physiotherapy products. It combines rolling massage, vibration massage, infrared hyperthermia and magnetic therapy in one, and the use of a unique thirty-two massage wheel floating design, not only close to the body curve massage, according to different weight regulation massage intensity, to achieve therapeutic purposes, but also Can give people a comfortable feeling.

Product principle

Multi-functional Portable Massage Table through the soft roller and tube on the body of the important points (especially on the back, spine on both sides) massage stimulation, far infrared thermotherapy, magnetic therapy and lumbar longitudinal traction combined effect, treatment and slow down due to spinal escape Sexual lesions caused by a series of neck, shoulder, low back pain; through the Du and the foot of the bladder through the meridians to adjust the role of the body to play the overall function of the body (including a series of visceral functional diseases) benign adjustment.

(1) far infrared principle

Multi-function Portable Massage Table, the host set a special four internal carbon fiber far infrared plate, the external far infrared light transmission device, can produce 2.5-13.5 micron band far infrared, consistent with the body's starting wave, easily absorbed by the body, the The far infrared rays of the band can penetrate the body 70 mm. The human body meridian, acupuncture points and the patient parts of a certain degree of warm stimulation, not only can produce a thermal effect within the human body, but also with the human cell resonance phenomenon, the molecular vibration, exercise, local tissue temperature rise, thereby promoting blood circulation , Enhance the metabolism, improve the role of human immunity.

(2) massage the principle of massage

Portable Massage Table The use of high-tech massage, according to the human body spine physiological curvature of the body of the meridian of the human massage, massage strength, speed, uniform, smooth, soft and lasting, to clear the meridian system, running qi and blood, regulating yin and yang balance.

(3) the overall treatment principle

Portable Massage Table According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine meridian, through the far infrared hot moxibustion, rolling massage a variety of overall treatment means, the body meridian, acupuncture points massage to achieve Shugan gallbladder, spleen and stomach, nourishing liver and kidney and other overall therapeutic effect.