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Massage Table Size Recommended
Edit: Anji Sukar Furniture Co.,Ltd  Jun 28, 2017

Massage Table can provide a relaxed rest environment, imagine, when their own day after work, lying on the Massage Table to rest what is the pleasant thing, the key question is the size of the Massage Table, what size is What is the size of the most suitable Massage Table? This article on the "Massage Table size recommended" for everyone to be introduced, so that you have a reference in life, following Xiaobian to follow here to understand about it

Massage Table size recommended one: home electric Massage Table. This home electric Massage Table is used in the vibration principle, the size of the Massage Table is 74.5x63.5x 49.5cm. The advantages of this Massage Table can be based on different needs of the human body and different massage concepts, can design a different distribution of airbags to meet the needs of different people.

Massage Table size recommended two: traditional Chinese massage Massage Table. This Massage Table is made of plywood made of bed, the choice of high-quality leather / fabric production, special size can be customized to provide a variety of fabrics, color choices. Fully in accordance with artificial mechanics design, comfortable and durable. Professional design, stylish and generous, ergonomic, comfortable and durable. And the size of the Massage Table can be arbitrarily changed or shortened, but the conventional size is 1900 * 700 * 650mm.

Massage Table size recommended three: electric lift Massage Table. This electric lift Massage Table bed width is 68 or 71 cm, height adjustment is 52 cm -97.5 cm, if you are simple enough, or too wide, this Massage Table fully meet your requirements, as long as the Range can be for you to choose Oh.