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Massage Table Function And Brand Price Introduction
Edit: Anji Sukar Furniture Co.,Ltd  Jun 16, 2017

Massage Table application of traditional Chinese massage theory, in accordance with ergonomics and modern work and living habits, the traditional massage in the kneading, beat, flow rub rub into one, so as to achieve a great effect on human health regulation! Massage Table, is a bed with a physical therapy structure, suitable for massage, hospitals, health clubs, beauty salons, etc., play a massage, health care, beauty role. With the improvement of people's living standards, people who use Massage Tables are also increasing. So, what is the Massage Table? Which brand is good? What is the price of a Massage Table? Here and Xiaobian together to learn more about.

I: Material composition

Bed frame structure: usually Massage Table frame with wooden frame, iron frame spray, stainless steel frame, aluminum frame. Solid wood bed frame is the most high quality of these materials is the highest price of a.

Soft package structure: soft package filled with soft and soft two sponge match, to ensure a certain degree of comfort at the same time also ensure that the bed is not deformed and high resilience. Fabric is mainly leather, PU leather, leather, etc., of course, can also use fabric fabric.

Ⅱ: effect

1: the role of the press

People lying on the Massage Table, it can be very good to help the body compress the human body meridians and stimulate a variety of receptors, adjustable body yin and yang balance, blood running, enhance the function of organs. It is very good for the body to enhance the vitality and health.

2: vertebral correction

The structure of the Massage Table can be a good finger pressure, massage, traction orderly rush, able to heat transfer to the body, a series of conduction, so keep the body's spine run correctly, will not produce spinal injury.

3: warm sunburn

People lying in the Massage Table with people's massage can promote adrenal cortical gland metabolism, enhance the fight with inflammation and immunity, to the human body surface acupuncture points to a certain degree of stimulation, promote blood circulation, thereby relieving the spine, muscle pain.

4: beauty without skin

Through the massage method can make the body more Yuncheng and sexy, to achieve the effect of skin and thin.

Massage Table brand

1. Li may be the leading domestic hot medical equipment industry leading brand, with Massage Table and mattress products. The company established a professional R & D room, and with a professional development and testing equipment, focusing on the development of new products. Li can massage the appearance of humanized, with a unique physical therapy head, covered with a treatment pad, built-in hot plate, through the controller to adjust, massage the human body.

2. Hi Lai is Korea's leading medical device brand, is committed to providing the world's best health products. Its in the domestic hi health medical equipment (Beijing) Co., Ltd. has been in Tianjin, Yanji established a production plant, and established a experience center, is the domestic thermotherapy industry leader. Hi to the Massage Table combined with ergonomic and meridian hot moxibustion, with the role of massage therapy.

3.3, EPCIC electric Massage Table

Reference price: 6,000 yuan

This Massage Table is a comparison of the brand's multi-functional Massage Table, more practical, health performance is also strong, but the price is relatively high.