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Massage Table Are Widely Used In A Variety Of Places
Edit: Anji Sukar Furniture Co.,Ltd  Jun 02, 2017

Massage Table, also known as press bed, beauty bed, bed, rubbing back bed, widely used in foot bath shop, beauty salons, physiotherapy hospitals, baths and other places. Conventional size 1900 * 700 * 650mm.

Shiatsu massage: to the body at random pressure on the human body meridians and stimulate a variety of receptors, adjustable body yin and yang balance, blood running, enhance the function of organs.

Vertebral correction: through the human nerve cells and muscle cells densely spine parts, through the acupressure, massage, traction and orderly rinse, and quickly convey the heat in the depths of the body, combined with light and heat, , Soften tissue, traction correction spine.

Warm sunburn: can make white blood cells to enhance energy, so as to strengthen the bactericidal function, promote adrenal cortical gland metabolism, enhance the fight with inflammation and immunity.

Massage massage: for the specific parts of the body (meridian, acupuncture points, nerves) to clear the meridians, conditioning nerves, the elimination of pain.

Khan steam therapy: the use of traditional Chinese medicine "from the table and by the table in the" theory, through the helium neon light and distant red line generated by the heat energy to promote vascular vitality, accelerate blood circulation, in the case of sweating to prevent sweating Under the opening of the pores, to achieve effective detoxification. Magnetic energy effect: the use of an orderly arrangement can issue 2000 Gaussian magnetic field, with infrared penetration, the acupressure of the acupuncture point is better, and play anti-inflammatory, swelling, pain, sedation, regulating blood pressure good effect.

Helium neon light wave through the deep tissue: the activation of nucleic acid protein and other biological macromolecules activity, play biological macromolecules regulate the body metabolism, immune and other activities of the function. Massage Table features: pure Xiuyan jade, Germany original motor, PHILIPS long-term light bulbs, solid mahogany craft bed feet, in line with ergonomic "S" type of jade wheel track, her Massage Table is a prominent feature. Her Massage Table Introduction: Jade acupuncture point Massage Table is based on Western orthopedic orthopedic correction and traditional Chinese medicine meridian acupressure massage, thermal effect stimulation, and far infrared medical principles developed on the high-tech physical therapy equipment.

Western orthopedic orthopedic correction that: the human work in the long life, due to poor life and work on the human body caused by spinal spine damage, so that the spine appears to be skewed, displaced, resulting in different levels of spinal nerve tissue compression, destruction of the nerve Normal work function, reducing the nerve tissue on the body's internal organs of the physiological function of the regulatory capacity, resulting in the decline in the natural immunity of the body, eventually leading to the occurrence of various diseases of the body. Therefore, the unhealthy spine is a major source of various diseases of the human body.