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Massage Chair Is Not Everyone Safe
Edit: Anji Sukar Furniture Co.,Ltd  May 17, 2017

Massage chair is through high-frequency mechanical vibration or rolling, to stimulate the human body massage, really not everyone safe. For example,Massage Chair the following five categories of people are not suitable:

① Massage Chair severe heart disease, hypertensive patients, massage can speed up the blood circulation in the body, easily lead to heart disease and high blood pressure.

② Massage Chair osteoporosis, bone tuberculosis, incomplete healing after fracture, if the local too much force, may lead to fracture.

③ bone tumor patients, massage will be connected with the tumor telangiectasia, local blood flow increased, leading to lesions spread and aggravate the condition.

④ Massage Chair skin ulcers, broken and so on.

⑤ Massage Chair too thin body, these people are often difficult to withstand high frequency of mechanical movement, prone to hysteresis pain.

To remind that the massager market is now quite mixed, the purchase should see the instructions, look for regular manufacturers of products, the best under the guidance of professionals to buy. Massage can only be used as a daily health care, the real disease have to hand to the doctor to rule.

Massage Chair In addition, the human body muscles, ligaments, bone reinforcement depends on active movement, more out of the movement, may benefit more.