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Innovative Massage Table Product Design Favored
Edit: Anji Sukar Furniture Co.,Ltd  Jul 07, 2017

With the continuous prosperity of the market economy, Massage Table production enterprises more and more rise, the market competition is more and more intense. In addition to the competition between the quality of the industry is also more and more into the price of the contest between the low profits and high costs led to the whole industry depression, a lot of poor foundation Massage Table manufacturers in the competition was eliminated. How can this market flourish again? This requires a new concept into the entire industry - Massage Table product design and innovation.

Massage Table design of the various and personalized, directly led to consumer groups in the Massage Table on the purchase of the demand differentiation, so as to make the whole industry for the strong play a very positive role in promoting. However, the core competitiveness of enterprises should be rooted within the enterprise, with sustainable energy efficiency, others are difficult to imitate a competitive advantage. This is the enterprise to survive and continue to develop the most basic, but also the most critical driving force. Enterprises to design as its core competitiveness is not a bad idea, but the whole industry to follow this road, there are misleading risks. Design at the present stage to be able to popular market, because the whole industry is too lack of independent design capabilities, resulting in the product "isomorphic" phenomenon is very serious. However, if there is a day, most companies have their own clear market positioning, have their own design team and design style, just rely on product design, companies can be like today in the market to Phi Mi? Massage Table industry technical content is not high, product homogeneity serious, style design is easy to copy imitation, which requires the brand to firmly occupy the psychological position of consumers, and other brands of similar products to form an effective defense.

Of course, other industries should also learn from this point. From a philosophical point of view: society in development, mankind is also progressing, all things should be based on social development and change.