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Explore The Height Of The Original Massage Table
Edit: Anji Sukar Furniture Co.,Ltd  Jun 28, 2017

Often see the friends in the original point of the Massage Table have their own views, there are puzzled, so I am here to discuss with you, talk about my personal views,

Now the height of the folding bed on the market can generally adjust from 65 cm to 85 cm, I am engaged in professional massage for many years, my height 1.78 meters, my Massage Table height is adjusted to 78 cm, which inferred, transferred 85 cm high Is suitable for more than 1.85 meters tall people use, tune 65 cm is suitable for 1.55 meters or so height, therefore, 65 cm to 85 cm is the current domestic Massage Table industry standards, as far as I know, in the professional circle of Chinese massage, No one to use 50 cm high Massage Table, the reason is very simple, if the 50 cm high Massage Table, then have to bend over, so that their tired, two hurt their waist, I think the general height of the Massage Table Transferred to the inside of the thigh with the operator of the inside of the thigh is better, I have years ago with lumbar muscle strain and lumbar disc herniation, usually if bent over to do housework, less than a few minutes, the waist began to ache can not stand, and now I day Up to 10 hours continuous, the waist did not affect the point, because the whole massage in my waist are straight, but with the legs of the horse down to adjust the operation

Zhang physician Massage Table why only about 50 cm high? Because there must be his own truth, according to my subjective reasoning is this: Dr. Zhang's doctor said the doctor said only 7 days, since then 4 care 24 hours a day massage, Mrs. Zhang must be lying alone People on the bed massage, the patient is absolutely impossible to lie about 70 cm or so so high Massage Table 24 hours massage, because the general single bed is about 50 cm high, so that after 10 months of Dr. physician to find the original point, Also formed his own unique way of the original way, (sometimes squatting, or half kneeling on the ground operation) habit into nature, so the original point of 50 cm high Massage Table was born, and has continued,

There is a key point is to push the original point, after all, and the traditional massage is different from the original point of push as long as the original point range to find a special pain point, push the time from a few seconds to a few minutes to get, so the Massage Table Height requirements are not high,

In the Thai massage, I have seen a 50 cm high Massage Table, because the Thai massage operators will often kneel on the leg of the massage and waist operation, so 50 cm height is only suitable for Thai Massage only,

We learn the original point, the key is to learn the meaning and essence of the original point, do not flow in the form, if some people think that must use the original point of 50 high Massage Table, will learn to do the original point, then I suggest your hair also To manage the physician's hair, including clothing, but also with the same physician Zhang, otherwise, you do not like the original point of people!